If you would like to participate in helping Knit Together By Love, you can contribute in the following ways:
  •  Knit or crochet tangible items and donate them directly to our ministry. We will keep these items to distribute however the Lord puts it on our heart to do so.
  • Donate yarn to our ministry so that we can continue creating gifts that will minister to people.
  • Nominate people who you think need God's encouragement or affirmation through our prayer and tangible reminder gifts. 
  • Give back on your own! Knit Together By Love is more than a prayer ministry involving fiber crafts; it's a reminder that we all should be knit together by God's love using whatever tools He's given us. The best way to participate is to show your neighbor you care about them using whatever gifts God has given you. Bake cookies for your neighbor, volunteer to babysit for a single mom, find a new way every day to use what you have to show love all around you.

For donation information, nominations or if you just want to share how you're knitting God's love in your life and community, email us

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